Magic is Vanishing

January 4th, 2013by John RussickFiled under: Exhibitions, Stories

Magic disappears this Sunday. For just three more days, you can see amazing magicians performing live in the gallery, view one-of-a-kind objects from Chicago’s magic past, hear some of the great stories of Chicago magicians, and learn how to do a magic trick with master card magician Benjamin Barnes.


There’s still time to visit Magic before it closes on Sunday, January 6.


In the exhibition, discover what you’d look like as a magician . . .


. . . and feel what it might be like to perform a famous Houdini escape.

The Museum agreed not to expose any magic secrets in the exhibition, but there is one to discover—if you look closely. In the theater performance, an unlikely character eats a delicious-looking carrot. Visitors are not supposed to know how we did it, but I’ll tell you a secret: if you stay in the theater until the credits are over, you’ll discover the mystery behind that piece of magic.

Good luck and enjoy the show!

> Check out an interview about the exhibition!
The clip includes a chat with the curator and a trick performed by a local magician.

> Learn more about Magic

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