Illinois’s War

January 17th, 2013by Gary JohnsonFiled under: Stories

January 2013: Mark Hubbard, editor. Illinois’s War: The Civil War in Documents (Civil War in the Great Interior). Athens: Ohio University Press (2013).


How often does someone recommend a book of original sources for reading cover-to-cover? That’s my suggestion for this intriguing compilation of sources on Illinois during the run-up to the Civil War and the war itself. Of course, “cover-to-cover” also would include the editor’s very insightful comments. Consider the opening sentence of chapter one: “If not for the sectional crisis Illinois might well be known today as the Land of Douglas.” Read the documents and you will see how that provocative comment makes sense because Illinois, with its wide geographical range from south to north, was more like a politically divided border state than you may have imagined.

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