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Who wouldn’t want to play this game? Even Mom looks happy.

Desperate for a good time? Try this very silly game, Pie Face, a pseudo–board game in which unlucky players lose points and take a pie in the face. Of course, you can’t find this one at the local toy store anymore. Production of this game was stopped more than 40 years ago.

Pie Face was invented by Marvin Glass, a prolific and imaginative game developer who founded his company, Marvin Glass & Associates, in Chicago in 1941. Over the next four decades Glass and his team developed and prototyped such toys as Mouse Trap, Operation, and Lite-Brite for companies like Hasbro and Milton Bradley.

Marvin Glass, c. 1965

Glass passed away in 1979 and was posthumously inducted into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame in 1984. Although his company dissolved in 1989, some of his most popular and imaginative games are preserved in the extensive collection of Chicago-based toys and games at the Chicago History Museum.

You can see Pie Face on display in the Museum’s lobby during the month of December. Stop by and check it out. Maybe it’ll inspire the perfect gift idea for your family or friends this holiday season.

Pie Face game by Hasbro, 1968
Gift of Marvin Glass and Associates, ICHi-64102

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