Dr. Mary Walker

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Dr. Mary Edwards Walker (right) and her friend, Dorothy Hunt, Chicago, December 2, 1912
Chicago Daily News, DN-0059887

Like the George Ade and Orson Wells caricature posted last month, this painting, a caricature of Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, a Civil War surgeon who received the Congressional Medal of Honor, hung in the male-only Chapin & Gore bar. A suffragist and dress reformer, Walker refused to wear women’s clothing. She visited Chicago regularly and police arrested her for wearing male attire during a trip in 1913. With her unusual style of dress, Walker created a nationwide sensation. Newspaper articles regularly poked fun at her feminist political views and progressive attitudes toward dress reform. Artist Theodore Wust portrayed a vulnerable Walker which stood in stark contrast to her public persona you see in the Chicago Daily News photograph.

Caricature of Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, c. 1890
Theodore Wust
Gift of Charles Hermann, 1930.58

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